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opening SPRING 2020

What is Kaiseki?


Kaiseki is a Japanese traditional multi-course meal that has been a tradition in Japan from the 1500s. Kaiseki chefs have hundreds of cutting and cooking techniques to make each and every single dish a distinct taste and also visually beautiful.

At Kaiseki Sanga, Executive Chef Shimatani's team sources their ingredients both locally and internationally to create a special and one-of-a-kind taste.

Our goal is to provide an exceptional and authentic experience, where no other restaurant in the world is comparable.

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Executive chef

Munehiro shimatani

Renowned  Executive  Chef  Shimatani has been a Kaiseki chef for over  25+  years. His  passion for food started as a child, and went on to pursue his career at 18 years old. 


He  became  the  first  head  chef  of  Kyoto's "Suiren Miyagawacho", to  be  recognized  as  one of  the Top Kaiseki Chefs in Japan.

Shimatani has been crowned champion from a competition held by Japanese Culinary Academy. He has been featured in Japanese Television Show "TV Champion", becoming a culinary champion and defending his title for several years.

His work and culinary skills has been published in many articles as well as global best-selling books.